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contract services & rates
structural crack injection (1st 10')$ 995.00
structural crack injection (each additional foot)$ 40.00
tile replacement (1st 10 linear feet')$ 250.00
tile replacement (each additional foot)$ 18.00
re-bar rust spots (1st spot)$ 400.00
re-bar rust spot (2nd spot)$ 300.00
re-bar rust spot (additional spots)$ 250.00
plaster delaminations (1st spot)$ 175.00
plaster delaminations (2nd spot)$ 125.00
plaster delaminations (3rd spot)$ 75.00
main drain replacement$ 350.00
main drain replacement (cover only)$ 125.00
pool repair surveys$ 100.00
real estate sale inspections$ 200.00
real estate sale inspections w/written report$ 350.00
custom construction
commercial and residential remodelcall for appointment
spa additionscall for appointment
flexible paver deck systemcall for appointment
vgb ab1020 main drain compliancecall for appointment
pilings and retaining wallscall for appointment
dredgingcall for appointment